You might be aware in the past two months of the issue pertaining to inaccurate beam result due to the use of PIRATED VERSION of EsteemPlus Earlier investigation revealed that the problem happens in the PIRATED VERSION due to a missing formula which is available only inside the HARD LOCK. You, as a licensed user will not be affected should you run the licensed version with HARD LOCK attached.

Some of our clients worry that pirated version might be installed either purposely or unintentionally to office computers by a staff, and this might produce inaccurate result.  As such, they proposed us to include a license tracking for all works that are produced by EsteemPlus.

The latest version of EsteemPlus is able to capture the license serial no. of the HARD LOCK and prints it on all calculation sheet. The license no. will not be printed on the calculation sheet if a HARD LOCK is not attached to the computer. Since the calculation sheet is for submission purposes, anybody including the authority is then able to verify the license no. against our database. In addition, the license no. may be requested any time by BSA in the their SOFTWARE AUDIT PROGRAM.(for more detail please visit

EsteemPlus Exchange Program

You need a new ELOCK (USB white colour) to access version or greater. If you are still holding the old EsteemPlus Parallel Lock (white colour) or USB HASP Lock (green colour), please EXCHANGE to ELOCK immediately.

Please also be informed that after 15 November 2009, we will only provide technical support for jobs run using EsteemPlus version or higher. We are committed to continuously provide best technical support to you, and should you need further information or clarification, please don’t hesitate to contact us. Thank you.


Richard Ting (Mobile: 012-2169507)
Sales Manager



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