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NOW a completely brand new application with numerous fascinated breakthroughs and feature improvements. Bundled with amazing technological innovations, ESTEEM 9 comes with significant increase in performance, productivity and user-friendliness. The application now has a completely new, more user friendly interface for maximised user-experience.


Esteem 9 Overview

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  1. Floor key plan input with fully integrated project management and status control of analysis and design.
  2. GUI inputs using mouse to drag and draw with text object viewer.
  3. Transparent features with primary and secondary icons.
  4. Non-orthogonal floor key plan grids.
  5. Intelligent input short-cuts, such as auto data generation and data checking.
  6. Architectural import of grids, columns and beams.


  1. Total integration of floor key plans for 3-D analysis.
  2. Automatic adaptive mesh generation for well-graded triangular and quadrilateral shell elements.
  3. Full integration of total input of beam, column and wall for automatic 3-D modelling, including wall opening, offsets of beam, column and wall.
  4. 3-D perspective view and modelling view in 3-D, plan and side elevations. Fly-Through animation.
  5. Post-analysis load combinations, graphical deflection and analysis textual output.
  6. Optimised grid/floor no. using virtual memory.
  7. Mapping of elements to actual identification of slab, beam, column and wall in total input.
  8. Automatic data feed-back from floor plan analysis for 3-D analysis and vice versa for floor plan design of beam and column, that is full integration of:
    a.)  all floor plans gravity load effects for 3-D analysis  based on actual beam support in total input.
    b.) wind/notional load effects for total project design and detailing of beam, column, wall, pile and pad footing.
  9. P-Delta analysis of selected load combinations

Design and Detailing

  1. Compliance with the BS8110:1985 / 1997; EC2 & EC8.
  2. Comprehensive and total output.
    - Concise textual calculation and detailing output.
    - Captivating user-friendly graphical interface.
    - Compatibility to CAD drawing through DXF files.
  3. Choice to freely configure rebar detailing and drafting.
    - Customised to local consultants context and culture.
    - Completed details of slab, beam, column, wall and footing for drafting, including(but not limited to) the column/wall schedule, footing key plan and schedule for both pad and pile foundation.
    - Configure freely the design and detailing parameters for automatic selection and detailing of rebar.
    - Control fully the vertical drop in slab and beam.


Analysis Results Diagram 3D

Analysis results diagram in 3D View.

Architectural Import

Architectural Import.

Curve Beam Tors on Detailing

Curve beam with torsion detailing.

Shear Wall

Shear wall with opening.

Transfer Shear Wall

Transfer shear wall at beam edge.

What's New

Liftcore foundation

Liftcore Foundation

Liftcore pad/pile footing design is now available in Esteem 9.
Parallel Processing

Parallel Process ( Performance)

Multi-thread processing up to 8 cores.
Revit structure compatible

Revit compatible

Provides bi directional link for 3D geometry data exchange between Esteem and Revit.
Raft Foundation

Raft Foundation

Analysis, Design and Detailing of Raft Foundation in Esteem 9.
Esteem Viewer

Esteem Viewer

Review Esteem 9 project models in elevation view. Export
the section cut in elevation view in DWG, DXF format
Free input

Free Input

Freely input any elements without the need of creating any grid lines in advance.
Multi floor copy grid and column

Multi-floor Copy grid and column

Esteem 9 allows user to copy grid or column to other floors in the project using the fastest and easiest way.
Property Painter

Property Painter

Element properties can now be easily duplicated to other existing elements on the key plan.

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